The Crossing, Prima Giorno

9 06 2008

Another black town car, more bags in the back. The town carMy nose is pressed up against the window in the back seat and the glass is fogging. 

The day is hazy and by the time space opens up between the high-rises, the view goes black.

The tunnel seems unending, yet, I see light. Atlantic Ave.Tunnel, Brooklyn,NY

When it opens up there are docks and cranes and boats and water: Brooklyn harbor.New York Harbour - Brooklyn Container Terminal

There’s an immense boat in the distance and it grows ever larger as we approach until it fills the entire windshield.  It’s like the Colosseum, I think, even bigger.Queen Mary 2 Before Meeting 2 Sister Ships

The car stops, the door opens and my Contessa and I step out.  A man in a yellow jacket gathers our luggage.  I travel light: a bone shaped, lamb-skin chew toy with a weakened squeak, and a faux-fur throw.

We enter a large hall and stroll up to a counter.  Checking InMy Contessa speaks English in a smooth, “luringly” Italian fashion, hesitates, looks at me with furrowed brow and kisses my ear.

This is never a good sign.  A swift kiss is always welcome but, if it is preceded by a hesitant long look or God forbid, a deep sigh, the news is never good.

I brace.  She thrusts me into the arms of a small Indonesian man in a white jacket.  My Contessa blows me a kiss and I am whisked up a long plank onto the behemoth shipBoarding the QM2—alone, and bound for where?

El Bandito




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