A Bit of History-Part Two

30 09 2008

I think ancient Egyptians had it right: if you killed a dog (alas, even a cat) you yourself could be executed.1907 Guillotine Back by andreobrecht

Dogs were thought to be descended from Anubis, Miles as Anubis by I ♥ Basenjis!god of the underworld.  Ironic, since the cats of Rome are the ones who inhabit most of that underground city.  The Pharaohs gave their dogs silver necklaces to wear, and always included them in the family portraits.old family portraits from the 1930's by AK Foto

Today, in Rome, some still wear fancy collars diamond dog collar by telharsicDiamonds Are A Dog"s Best Friend by S h e l l yand those family photos still include the dogFamily Portrait by Andrew Morrell Photography

But, what ever happened to the reverence of legal action where the common dog is concerned? 

Instead of S.P.Q.R.SPQR by MrJennings

 it’s S.P.C.A.SPCA_Cover by Jenna Belle

Where’s the phone?


A Bit of History-Part One

26 09 2008

It is thought that dogs were first domesticated 50,000 years ago.  Anyway, that’s when we began to show up on the walls of caves in various shades of primitive paint.Man and his best friend by © Libyan Soup

Like our men, we were hunters.  Dog attached himself to man for food; man attached himself to dog for the same reason.  We were good at hunting.  Watch and learn.  Men did.  Soon dogs were no longer hunting but staying in camp reaping the rewards of a well taught lesson, and entertaining the ranks, of course.  Dogs are, after all, built for entertainment these days.

Enter, the Jack Russell:circus dog!!Jack Russell Terriers by FrANk.H ^.^Jack Russell Terrier by Lothar Lenz

The Labradoodle (simply the name curls the lip in laughter, no?):Teddy the Labradoodle by jwsnell00

The Hairless Chihuahua:*wink* Hey Baby...you lookin' at me? by skasperOK….so this one demonstrates man’s sense of humor. 

But, you follow me right? 

Next time someone refers to you, if you are a dog, as a lazy, good-for-nothing moocher, remind them that they would still be hunting solo with hand-carried spears, instead of evolving into packs and becoming a species success story.  And ask them to pass the treats.


Dyslexic Dog

23 09 2008

I am a dog.  And, I think I may be dyslexic.

When I look in the mirror I see God.

dog in a mirror by Lamerie

                                                  What do you see?



19 09 2008

Eddie Bauer's dog dishI have never eaten my fill. 

I have eaten my food, my friend’s food, my people’s food…but I have never eaten my fill.

There is something about the canine system that defies satiation.  The pipes simply do not allow it.  It is a long, desperate, hollow road; a bag-less vacuum.

In response, I graze throughout the day like a common farm animal: a raspberry here, a low tomato there, certain parts of a piece of ladies underwear…the soul (er–sole) of a Ferragamo.

The behavior is not without repercussion.  I have been frequently stuck in the dog door leading to the terrazzo.  My sweaters fit like a shrunken glovethe guardian glove, and I sometimes get the feeling that the people who stare are not observing the mirth of a fun loving small dog, so much as the girth.

I know why the fat are frequently jolly.  fat and happy!

Dog Dish & BallThey’re full, no?

The quest continues…The Butcher Shop

Chow.  Forever, chow.

The 515

16 09 2008

This is my car:old italian styleIt’s a Cinquecento, made by Fiat.  It’s of the old variety: smaller than small, made long before rules and regulations began trying to save people from themselves.

It fits anywhere on the Roman streets which is very important.  if you’re lucky enough to have a permit to park within the city, space is always an issue.  It’s important to be able to walk in reasonable time to your destination once your car is properly situated.

The Cinquecento is just zippy enough to blow my ears back when the windows are down Who's driving?(and they’re always down in the summer), but not fast enough to make my stomach turn.  Yet, it does turn heads.  Because it’s cute.  Just like a certain small dog.

The Smallest & Cutest DogSmall, cute things always turn heads, no?

Diminutive dogs and the Cinquecenti…a head turning combo.


The Church Turns

12 09 2008

Cats…again.  Now it’s Pope BenedictPope Benedict XVI.  In what I can only hope is a move unsanctioned by the church, the Pope has taken a cat.

A cat.

Granted, it was on a trial basis.  It seems that while visiting Australia, the locals determined his live of the feline and loaned him said creature.005

Thank God…literally…he doesn’t actually keep a cat at the Vatican.  they breed like rabbits, you know.  Look at any Roman ruin.  Imagine the Pieta with the addition of a life-size tabby straddling Mary’s shoulder.  Hagia Sophia- visitors admire Byzantinian mosaics and the largest Ottoman calligraphiesA cat standing guard at the tomb of St. Peter?

What kind of spiritual leader prefers cats to dog, I ask you?

jewish dogs 2I wonder if they have dogs on the West Bank?



9 09 2008

Someone wise once said: An effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible.

I have to tell you, there are few things that cause me to gag.  Slugs are meaty.  brain_slugsI imagine they might go well with garlic and a little butter.  Ants are fresh and lemony.  Ants at three times life size series 2-2Grasshoppers taste a little grassy to tell you the truth, and they’re gooey, with a bit of crunch, but not bad.Differential grasshopper(make sure you pull the legs off first or they’ll stick in your throat).

Now, none of these things is particularly pretty, yet they have the redeeming feature of being attractive to the palette.

Enter the beautiful butterfly. Monarch Butterfly In Purple Garden PhloxLithe, agile, and colorful, it nearly shouts: taste me!

Well, don’t. It’s a bitter pill…literally.  Like a well-coiffed terrier: attractive to the eye but nippy.

It’s frequently all in the packaging, no?



5 09 2008

Did I mention that anytime I post anything about cats~Cute Cats~, I get as many hits on my blog in a few hours as I normally do in a day?

It’s yet another species slur as far as I’m concerned.Bella the Cat

Do dogs not inspire?  Do they not compel people to google and search?  And why not?

Is it because cat people sit idley by the computer with nothing better to do than surf the web for the antics of the cats they love, simply because the cats they love are immobile, Fat Cat Poopedsloth-like on a feather cushion, whiling away the hours of daylight only to become roaming maniacs at night?Spew Warning - Montana the Cat's Halloween Costume

Surely dog owners are in the park, on the other end of a game of fetch, or hiking with their favorite St. Bernard, trusty cask within reach, no?

Swiss Mountain St. BernardsWhat cat can serve up a shot of brandy, I ask you?

Ever hike with a cat?  Ever tempt a feline to fetch?  bored catHa!

You cat people need to get out more.

frisbee dogGo get a dog.


Burn Up?

2 09 2008

In the interest of definition and proper usage, today we examine the difference between the English phrases “burn up” and “burn down”.

Being Roman, and a dog, I am concerned, of course, with language…its meaning and its origin.  Why use “burn down” as opposed to “burn up”?

The house burned downBurning Down a Condemned House 2005.  The trash burned up (only in third world countries…)Burning Trash.

The difference in usage?  It depends where the fire starts.  In the attic: the house burned down.  On the ground level…it burned up.  This according to a local Roman firefighterFirefighters.

Historically? To burn down was to burn until the fire becomes feeble and in want of fuel.  To burn up: to take strong hold of a combustible material.  Huh?  Who would do that?

Personally, I like the phrase in its more metaphorical sense: to irritate or annoy.

Ah…the definition of cats.

Chow. Read the rest of this entry »

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