Tale of a Dog

31 08 2008

Want a good summer read?  My Contessa is reading J.F. Englert’s, A Dog Among Diplomats.

A Dog Among Diplomats

It apparently features a poetry-loving dog detective Randolf whose mistress disappears.  Randolf goes undercover at the U.N. as therapy dog to a diplomat in order to ferret out the womans trail. 

Must be a good read because my Contessa hasn’t put it down.  She chuckles to herself, as well, so the story must be very entertaining.  I like curling up next to her when she reads…her reading is a great way for me to pass the day.

As long as she breaks for:

Chow.Dog Bone


28 08 2008

Soccar season begins today in Italy.  Calcio, it’s called.  As far as I’m concern (and a whole lot of two-legged creatures) the day should be a national holiday.

Who doesn’t like chasing a ball?Bat Dog Attacks!Juno after ball

Suzie chasing tennis ball

LAZIO vs ROMAIn Rome the teams are Roma and Lazio.  My Count is a Lazio fanChampions League tournament Olympiacos - Lazio…his brother, Calcio Mondiale 2006 - Roma - Circo Massimoa Roma nut.  They go to the stadium together every week or two.  They come back smelling of gasolia and fire.  Calcio Mondiale 2006 - Roma - Circo MassimoThe stands are frequently set aflame, I gather.

I agree: there is something inate in being passionate about a ball.  ROMA-INTER; TOTTI SEGNA SUO GOL N.100 IN SERIE A.I would start a fire or two is my toenails were made of flint and the pavement were sulphur.

Soccar PeteI get it.  I got it.  I go.


I Want to Go

26 08 2008

princess Denali - so spoiled!I confess, I am not a homebody.

I want to go.  I want to go all the time.  

I want to go, I want to go, I want to go! Clay sculpture of a dog with hat, pipe and scarf, driving a yellow car Clipart Picture

Don’t leave me in the house, leave me in the car (in the shade with the windows downStick dog in peril....).  Don’t leave me in the yard, leave me in the park.  Don’t leave me…period.

I don’t do alone well.  I am here to be your best friend. man's best friendBest friends go out together.

Leave me if you must, but at least leave me with a companion:

Is the dish half full or half empty?Chow.


21 08 2008

Translating for dogs is no doubt similar to translating for humans.  We think in blocks of meaning.  We see picturesNeedle felt wool painted picture for children and adult, you see picturesSquirrel Scratch

The difference is that dogs do not attach words, necessarily.  We attach meaningDog and Squirrel Note Card.

We think hungry…we move to the dog dish.  We think relief…we paw at the door.  We think mail arriving…we growl.  We think tired…well, you get the message.

You talk to us, we move in the direction of your thought, not ours.  Say “treat”, we go to the kitchen cupboard.  Utter “walk”, we are immediately beneath the hook that hold the leash.

So next time you say “vet”, do not grimace as we skate under the couch.  Se it as we do.  Picture the vet and see what image comes to mind.A Bouquet of Thermometers...


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