A Dog Song

30 06 2009

From the artist who brought you the four-paw-portrait above (for full portrait, see the “about” page), A Dog Song:


Sensory Overload

26 06 2009

My Contessa was on the hunt for something special.  We walked into the heart of the city and up a small side-street near the Pantheon. 

I could smell it coming from 500 yards: scented candles.  Juniper, hyacinth, rose, even bubble gum.  Gag.

I followed her up and down the aisles as she smelled each candle trying to decide on just the right scent.  I could have helped her with that if she’d asked.  I am the KING of ‘scentedness’, as it were.  I am a dog.  Duh.

I have an idea for a new kind of pet store, geared to dogs, of course.  DogCo, Dogs R’Us, Dog Planet.  Why even mention other species?

And inside?

Scented candles


Berlusconi’s Harem

23 06 2009

L'Utilizzatore Finale by migim959Silvio’s in trouble, again. 

This time her name is Patrizia.  Rischia tutto by migim959It seems she was wearing a wire when she dined with the Prime Minister on the night of last November’s U.S. Presidential election.

And a candlelit dinner was not the climax of the evening, so to speak.  Candlelit dinner bokeh by photocillinApparently, instead of dessert, Silvio instructed his guest to “Go and wait for me on the big bed.”Bob the Dog on my Bed by skoop102

And I say: What’s wrong with that? 

I love big beds, though generally I tend to sleep near the edge, just on the inboard space behind one of my people.  Better to stay planted n the mattress that pushed to the floor after midnight.  But, I digress.

Patrizia said that she only one of 20 women invited the first time she attended a dinner at Berlusconi’s Roman residence the spring before.  The evening of the election, there were only 3 women at the table.  But, Patrizia’s the one who got to spend the night on the big bed.

Must have been her personality, no?  I’ll bet she does awesome tricks.

 Sit. Stay. Rollover.                 Fetch by min51


Ciao, Chow

21 06 2009

OK.  I’ve received a number of corrections since I started this blog concerning the spelling “Chow”.  People seem to think I am misspelling the word.  Hello?

Ciao!! by vinlos86

I am a dog.  I hear the language of humans through canine ears.  I am Italian, yes.  But I am a dog first. Harry Potter Dog at Barnes and Noble Cumberland by lorax_2112 Just as humans are humans first, then Italian, French, American, second.Robot Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper Wood Statues with Base 6 by Builders Studio

When I hear “Ciao”, it is similar to the Pavlov response…(now that was an easy experiment, no?  I mean, show a dog a treat and he drools…duh)Drooling dog by Fellowship of the Rich

To me, “Ciao” will always mean “Chow”.  And why not?

Who in this country doesn’t think about food all the time.Spaghetti & Meatballs by Sashertootie

This IS ITALY.Ciao by A Outra Voz


Allen! Allen! Steve?

19 06 2009

Of course, all dogs know that every creature speaks some sort of language.  Often it’s difficult to decipher, especially those animals coming from Britain.  The British Flag by Chris BreezeI mean, what an accent.

What many don’t know, however, is that groundhogs are extremely nearsighted….Eye Chart by von_brandis



Why Dogs Go Deaf

17 06 2009

First of all, who names their dog Bambi?bambi by kaylovesvintage

Second of all, who would encourage an animal to sing opera?Opera Singer by leductho


Third of all, is Elvis really dead?Elvis Presley – Elvis' Golden Records Volume 2 sleeveface by Stephen Sleeveface

Ain’t Nothing But a Hound-Dog, afterall.

Whimsical Hound Dog by whendi


More on Mozzerella

14 06 2009

More mozzarella in the house this weekend.  Warm and fresh.  A little on crumbled polenta in my breakfast dish.  A nibble in the afternoon from my Contessa’s hand.

Some mozzarella facts:

Do not put fresh mozzarella made from unpasteurized buffalo milk in the refrigerator. Buffalo balls by korayatasoyIt is best at room temperature and should be eaten within two days of production. If you haven’t had mozzarella this fresh, you haven’t had true mozzarella.  Purists eat their mozzarella without accompaniment.  Caserta, Ristorante la Nuova Perla by wineprincess44

My advice: Go to Italy, Campania specifically.  Bufala mozzarella farm by stephen sommerhalter

It is mozzarella’s Mecca.

Signs for dairy outlets along the highways in the Naples area are common. Some sell excellent mozzarella. If you always want the real thing, look for caseificios bearing the Denominazione d’Origine Protetta, or DOP seal, a European Union certification that guarantees top-quality Campania mozzarella.Mozzarella di bufala DOP by Flyingmozzarella

Last year, 32,000 tons of DOP mozzarella were produced in Campania.  Only 16 percent was exported. The very finest DOP cheese never leaves the region because it is made from unpasteurized milk and has a shelf life of only a few days.

Make sure you’re eating the best.  It’s easy to spot the difference between handmade mozzarella and machine-produced cheese. Each artisanal ball has a Y-shaped flap marking the place where it was seamed by the cheese maker, or “casaro.” by winyang

Ricotta cheese is made from a milky mozzarella by product. Here in Italy, ricotta is served for dessert surrounded by honey, orange peel, cinnamon and other condiments. It’s a wonderful summer treat.ricotta pear honey tastyness by grrrlie

If you’re doing a high-protein diet (my favorite), a one-cup serving of the cheese is loaded with protein and has virtually no carbohydrates. Of course, it also has 336 calories, 220 of them from fat.  But, fat is good for the brain, no?

And eating the cheese promotes intelligence and good looks.  Just look at the Italians…

sofia_loren_pirelli by rosalia89Gina Lolabrigida sips a milkshake by Jeff Houck


Outside the Box

11 06 2009

My take on thinking outside the box: The Litterboxmy new litterbox by Torley, that is.

Cats on leashes.Cat On A Leash? by Chelsea Elliott

Like the phrase “herding cats”, the picture that comes to mind is one of chaos.  A whole lot of pulling, dragging and sliding.  The Cat Dragged In by MacGBeing

Cats cannot be cajoled.  They walk at their own pace—if they walk at all.

"The Sleeping Cat" by Jane Diamond by Jane Diamond

Here’s a little thinking outside the litterbox, canine style: smart dogs use the litterbox as a snack bar.  It may be recycling taken to it’s extreme, perhaps absurd, conclusion, but it fulfills the fine criteria of a dog. litterbox cake by Wild Cakes

Disgusting, putrid and sure to illicit a speedy reaction from your human.

And, alas, a bath.Cassie the family dog gets a bath by Gary Hope



8 06 2009

There’s a new bitch next door.  She smells wonderful. Pink Poodle Cookies by Tri_Poodle

I sit on the terrace with my nose pointed in the easterly direction of her apartment.  She moves about her terrazzo taking no notice of me. 

But, in my mind, I am hot on her t(r)ail…so to speak.WS Sniffing Dog by Buckeye

I imagine a long walk wth her in the park.  A leisurly drink at the Bernini fountain; the sharing of a half-eaten cornetto under a cozy bush.  Then, the exciting saunter back to her apartment.

What will happen?  What should I do?

Dog Good Night



5 06 2009

“People find life entirely too time-consuming.”

Stanislaw J. Lec

From the perspective of a small, Italian dog: Life is to be enjoyed, not employed.

canined english labrador retriever aggressive dog playing us nyc 030109 41 by canined.com dog picturescanined english bulldog tongue wagging dog playing us nyc 030109 18 by canined.com dog pictures

Dog Roll Study by jrubinic      Chow.

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