Human Logic

26 02 2009

I sometimes think human logic is an oxymoron.

During a recent spate of bad weather, my Contessa provided the front page of Il Giornale for my relief near the front door.  Untoccodizenzero, Il Giornale-14 Febbraio 2008 by Un tocco di zenzeroAs any male might, I went to paper, went about my business and began to read. 

The headlines?

Animal Rights Activists Set Zoo Afire

Fire in the night by aixcracker

Huh?  Am I the only one who finds this logic fatally flawed?

The simple logic of a small dog would go a long way in bringing enlightenment to the world, no?

Oh, for a voice that traveled farther than a bark.Howl by haruspex


Making Movies

24 02 2009

OK, I can dream (and I do several times a day, sometimes with back leg blindly scratching the wooden floor):

If I had the time, and an opposable thumb, this is what I would do with my day (not the movie, but making it!)  All I need is a video camera on my ceiling….


The Misguided

6 02 2009

Remember the Spaghetti Westerns?  Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood by DunechaserCharles Bronson, Henry Fonda.  Well, I don’t.  But, occasionally the televisione on in the afternoon and a good, old-fashioned rerun is on.  You know, the kind that has the good guys running all over the place looking for the bad guys?

Well, we had visitors last week: Americani, obviously obsessed by the western.  Oh, yes, they were doggish, which I do appreciate.  Their clothes were laden with canine scent et al: two Jack Russells (One black, white and thin, one brown, white and stout, and an ancient cat with foul breathHave you seen a 200 years old cat hanging about? by ZaraS Photo's).

The arrived  after a long flight across the great water to the west, set their bags down and promptly “saddled” up for a long walk around the Eternal City.  I was the horse, metaphorically, of course. 

On went my special beaded Kenyan collar and leash and out the door we started.  Piazza del  Popolo to the PantheonPantheon - Rome (LOC) by The Library of Congress (with a stop at San Crispini for organic, hand-made gelato); Tazo D’Oro for un cafe coffee at taza d'oro by november---(great floors for licking, just underneath the bar…); through Campo di Fiori, market nipped away for the day, unfortunately; across the Ponte Sisto Roma, Ponte Sisto by Acciaioand onto the lovely filth of the Trastevere streets.

Thank goodness Rome is a city of fountains and nasoneer nasone by Paolicchio: Water is offered everywhere.  I was exhausted. 

Then, just as I thought we were due for a turn back the way we came, it was off to Il VaticanoRome and Vatican City by * Toshio *.

Now, this is an ambitious (though glorious) walk for any two-legged creature standing five feet tall or more.  But, when the subject of the trek is a small dog of short leg, it is monumental on the scale of Everest.  You know how one year in a dog’s life is like seven for a human being?  Well, the first hing I saw in the mirror when we returned to my apartemento was a grey hairGrey Bunny by HDR Cafe.  Didn’t Hoover say “a car in every garage”?  Who knew Americans walked?  And traveling all the way to Rome for a stroll?  Don’t these people have homes??  Talk about misguided. 

I need oxygen…0812_TRI_dogmask2 by fotocraz


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