Roman Holiday

16 12 2008

I LOVE Christmas!!!!  Wet paws in the rainy streets, not withstanding, Christmas in Rome is glorious.

First, there is the Christmas market in Piazza Navona: The Carousel, Piazza Navona, Christmas 2008 by nyc/caribbean ragazzaA sightful of color, sounds and smells.  Piazza Navona Christmas Market by Jason SpeckPorchetta sandwiches, Donuts for sale, Piazza Navona by nyc/caribbean ragazzahandmade candy and chewy toys abound.  piazza navona, christmas time by lyndon_goveasClowns, jugglers, magicians, carolers: It’s all there.Presepi vendor, Piazza Navona by nyc/caribbean ragazza

Then there’s the Vatican.  An enormous Precepio erected in the middle of the Piazza San Pietro, and the biggest tree you’ll ever see outside of a primeval forest.  Christmas at the Vatican by lmfickerThis year’s tree is a gift from Southern Austria, is 109 feet tall, and will be recycled into toys for needy children (and needy dogs) at the end of it’s tenure.

Christmas in the Vatican City by Jacob Wighton

If you’d like to keep up with what’s happening in St. Peter’s Square, check out the webcam for  live picture.



The Church Turns

12 09 2008

Cats…again.  Now it’s Pope BenedictPope Benedict XVI.  In what I can only hope is a move unsanctioned by the church, the Pope has taken a cat.

A cat.

Granted, it was on a trial basis.  It seems that while visiting Australia, the locals determined his live of the feline and loaned him said creature.005

Thank God…literally…he doesn’t actually keep a cat at the Vatican.  they breed like rabbits, you know.  Look at any Roman ruin.  Imagine the Pieta with the addition of a life-size tabby straddling Mary’s shoulder.  Hagia Sophia- visitors admire Byzantinian mosaics and the largest Ottoman calligraphiesA cat standing guard at the tomb of St. Peter?

What kind of spiritual leader prefers cats to dog, I ask you?

jewish dogs 2I wonder if they have dogs on the West Bank?


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