Papal Marathon

7 10 2008

Pope Benedict XVI by Jari Kurittu

Pope Benedict is holding a seven-day bible reading marathon here in Rome.



Over the next week 1200 people will take turns reading from the 73 books of the Catholic version of the bible.Old Bible by eye2eye





I’m wondering how much of the bible is devoted to dogs?Resting on the Word by greenwillow crafts

Perhaps there should be a mini-marathon devoted to dog passages: Anecdotal bible stories concerning the role of dogs in growing spirituality, as it were.  Just long enough to inform and inspire; short enough to hold the attention span of a terrierAmiDogs Boston Terrier crochet amigurumi by planetjune (which is fairly short unless a squirrel is woven into the tale).

After all, that calm feeling one gets when petting a dog is as close to God as man gets, non e vero?The heavens declare the glory of God by 1blessedmom (Free Time Until Oct.8)






Tale of a Dog

31 08 2008

Want a good summer read?  My Contessa is reading J.F. Englert’s, A Dog Among Diplomats.

A Dog Among Diplomats

It apparently features a poetry-loving dog detective Randolf whose mistress disappears.  Randolf goes undercover at the U.N. as therapy dog to a diplomat in order to ferret out the womans trail. 

Must be a good read because my Contessa hasn’t put it down.  She chuckles to herself, as well, so the story must be very entertaining.  I like curling up next to her when she reads…her reading is a great way for me to pass the day.

As long as she breaks for:

Chow.Dog Bone

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