The Daily Dog

27 02 2008

First of all, there will be no daily entries.  I know this is The Daily Dog.  I am a the dog who named it so, purely as self-inspiration:  putting the pressure on, so to speak, in an effort to share my observations in a timely fashion.  But, I am still a dog. 

Mona Lisa with her dog

There are certain highly observable things we, as dogs, do daily.  None of them involve writing.

Translating pure thought to the keyboard takes time.  First, I have to be clear of mind in knowing what I want to say.  This is an inherent problem directly linked to the canine penchant toward distraction. 

Dog and squirrel staring contest.A squirrel here, a squirrel there—you know the rest. One dog track and squirrel tracks

Then, it takes a great expenditure of effort to turn thought to word to blog; a free computer; a few naps; a bit of exercise to patrol one’s territory, a couple of square meals and a treat. 

So bear with me…I’m always thinking.Mindy, our dog, who ate anything...


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