Roman Holiday

16 12 2008

I LOVE Christmas!!!!  Wet paws in the rainy streets, not withstanding, Christmas in Rome is glorious.

First, there is the Christmas market in Piazza Navona: The Carousel, Piazza Navona, Christmas 2008 by nyc/caribbean ragazzaA sightful of color, sounds and smells.  Piazza Navona Christmas Market by Jason SpeckPorchetta sandwiches, Donuts for sale, Piazza Navona by nyc/caribbean ragazzahandmade candy and chewy toys abound.  piazza navona, christmas time by lyndon_goveasClowns, jugglers, magicians, carolers: It’s all there.Presepi vendor, Piazza Navona by nyc/caribbean ragazza

Then there’s the Vatican.  An enormous Precepio erected in the middle of the Piazza San Pietro, and the biggest tree you’ll ever see outside of a primeval forest.  Christmas at the Vatican by lmfickerThis year’s tree is a gift from Southern Austria, is 109 feet tall, and will be recycled into toys for needy children (and needy dogs) at the end of it’s tenure.

Christmas in the Vatican City by Jacob Wighton

If you’d like to keep up with what’s happening in St. Peter’s Square, check out the webcam for  live picture.



Never Question

12 12 2008

Never question the loyalty, or intellegence, of a dog.

I offer as proof:

Grab the tissue…


The Great Flood

9 12 2008

We spent two days in Venice over the weekend.  You know, the city of canals; waterways not auto strada?  Well, in my opinion, they’ve taken the idea a bit too far.Venice Flood by matt18041St. Mark’s Square is a lake and pedestrians, be they two or four-foooted, are relagated to wooden pathes laid out like rented tables across the piazza.

This is a grave danger to a small dog.  My Contessa sports an umbrella and rubber boots (which, by the way, are totally antithetical to the rest of her high-fashion outfit).  What do I get?  Not even a single water-wing slung about my midriff.  Coco Doggie Paddling by xena2542Not that I can’t swim, but why swim when you can float?

Tides up and storm rage in the sea nearby.  Such is the fate of Venice each winter.  the flood bis by bart ceuppens / www.bartceuppens.beSo, bear this in mind should you seek to land on the shore nearby sometime soon: It might not yet exist….Venice by Antonio Zazueta Olmos


Insanity and Einstein

5 12 2008

As you know by now, I am a dog.  Fen The Dog Taxi by Fen BranklinAnd dogs are generally happy creatures.  They great each day as a new, anything is possible, day.  Things that happened the day before are forgotten, or ignored.  Sometimes, even if we have had a questionably successful day the day before, we repeat whatever we’ve done to see if the result might differ.

Take chasing squirrels for example.  Dog and Squirrel Note Card by R. NicholsYesterday I followed a squirrel for nearly an hour with no success in capture.  Yet, today, I plan to do the same–because, simply put: You never know. 

Dogs are firm believers that one’s optimism shapes their day, non e vero?  I believe this is the case for all creatures.

However, I recently discovered something troubling.  Apparently some genius named Einstein proclaimed that doing the same thing, over and over, expecting different results, is the very definition of insanity. Does God Play Dice with the Universe? - Deus joga dados com o universo? Einstein explica by Herodoto

A dog’s postulate differs.  And, because of it, a multitude of things too precious to count have been discovered.  Bone Yard by A guy with A cameraThe only credo that follows a dog, from the base of a squirrel laden tree, to the cupboard under the kitchen sink?Dog treats by ..Beci..

You never know.

Obviously, Einstein never had a dog…

Chow.Bone Time ...Again! by buikschuivers

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