Not Just Whistling

28 04 2009

OK…I can corner a scorpion in the cucinaBaby Scorpion II by Sublime ®

I can think in at least two languages, I can write a blog—-I can howl.Howling dog sculpture by Scorpions and Centaurs

But I can’t whistle like this:

Just put your lips together and blow?  Lauren Bacall by twm1340

What lips.


Any Port in a Storm

26 04 2009

We’re visiting our farm in Chianti this weekend.  The weather is windy and rainy but I don’t mind.  Thunderstorm over Tuscany by Peter GorgesThere is a fire in the fireplace and bread in the oven. 

I love it here: a good cook in the cucina, young leaves on the vines, Grapevines by Laurie Yorkchicks in the hen-house, and the addition of a puppy to the family of the caretaker.

Alas, the poor young creature has not yet taken a good look in the mirror.


I guess it’s any port in a storm.


Sunday Dinners

6 04 2009

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine how splendid Sunday dinner was last night and what a wonderful effect it always has on me, from head to toe. 

Pictures are so often worth the thousand words that, as a dog,  I will never speak:


Sometimes I Wonder

8 05 2008

Even dogs enjoy the beautiful natureDid you ever have that feeling of infinity?

There are times I feel I just don’t know which way is up: when I roll, belly up, on a fresh cut lawn or take an evening walk under the stars in the Tuscan countryside. Stars in the tuscan sky It’s akin to those times I find myself in the multi-mirrored dressing room of my Contessa and a thousand terriers suddenly watch my every move. dog in a mirror

Which one is really me?  And does it matter?  What force, the canine heart in the grand scheme of things?  Perhaps ridiculous issues for a small dog, but issues none-the-less.the small dogs are skeptical

My conclusion: anything that boosts the joy of man is worth it’s weight in treats and the return of a gentle hand.

Is This Dog Cute or What?Dogs rule.



28 03 2008

I once might have looked something like this…

I teethed on everything from Aubusson carpets to eighteenth- century pine.  I once heard from the management that I was worthless yet, in the same breath, they added that I had cost them over four-thousand euros in eighteen months.  I don’t know where all the money went.  The amount in my food dish never multiplied nor did the availability of toys increase. 

I suspect someone was skimming under the table, though I was always alone under there.

Needless to say, I survived puppyhood.

God makes all young creatures appealing so they won’t be immediatley squashed upon chewing the fine leather of a new shoe— non e vero?


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