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30 05 2009

I think I’ve found my niche, that is if I can find someone with an opposable thumb.

My idea: A new Game Show for dogs.  Cable TV; mid-afternoon time slot, just after the usual small meal and short walk-around; something to provide a little humor as a dog drifts into a little nap.

We’ll call it Whack-A-Kitty.  Here’s the pilot:

Now if I can just get PetCo to come in as sponsor.  Maybe they’d like to do lunch?



28 05 2009

I don’t know what “UCLA” is. 

Latin acronym for —??

United Crackers Lab Association?  Huh?  Could be.  Squirrels, nuts, crackersSquirrel by JasonMayoff–it follows.

Anyway, in my humble opinion, all this baby squirrel needed was the right motivation.

Nothing a good dog couldn’t have furnished….Squirrel dogs by Sschex



26 05 2009

I love my tail. tail  by Eliverto Scherer

Utterly devoted, it follows me everywhere, ready to play whenever I run out of things to do.Ryder Chasing her tail by 54beans

Most animals have done it one time or another. Chasing Tail by Mike_tnChasing Its Tail by rivadock4Moonlight cat chasing his tail by wbaiv

It is God’s answer to the boredom issue and a poignant reminder to all men: Make your own fun.  Amen. Trio of Tail Chasing Dogs by lawatha


Mozzarella in May

23 05 2009

 Mozzarella cheese. (dy1) There’s nothing like mozzarella cheese, especially when it comes in spring.  Fresh on the heels of calving, mozzarella in May is glorious. 

The Italian buffalo is a huge, red-eyed beast which lumbers across the grassy hillsides and wallows in the cool mud-streams along the valleys.  True mozzarella comes from Italy’s Campania region.  Naples is it’s center.  The mozzarella dairy, or caseificio, La Fenice, near Presenzano, is one of our favorite haunts for fresh cheese.

We drive about an hour south of Rome and in we walk.  The smell of buffalo hangs like overripe raw meat in the yard outsidePaestum buffalo's - and do they make great mozzerella! by rubinsteins_in_spainbut inside the dairy is immaculate.  The centerpiece is a large, shallow vat with a hundred white balls of mozzarella bobbing like tennis balls in the milky water.  The finished product, room-temperature and gooey heaven.

A man in the back room is beginning a new batch.  I watch as buffalo milk is brought in and curdled.  The whey is separated and the curd is ground in a mill, then molded and placed in hot water, stirred and kneaded like bread until it is smooth and shiny.  Then, small pieces are pulled away and formed into balls and brined for a short time.  Mozzarella made in the morning is ready by dinner time.  Warm, soft, rich and fresh.

Sure, it’s good with tomatoes and basil and a drizzle of balsamicMaking pizza by borud; tossed with pasta and tomato sauce; on any thin crust pizzaHomemade Pizza - Making of a Dough God by Bumbling B.

But there is nothing like true, fresh, still-warm mozzarella, hand held by the one you love, melting on your tongue and into your memory as spring fades into summer.


Name That Dog

19 05 2009

Ever wonder what kind of dog you’d be if you’d been born into the world as a canine?Fen The Dog Taxi by Fen BranklinWell, take a few minutes and find out:


It’s fun, but I don’t know how accurate it is.  I took the quiz myself and turned out to be a Great DaneIngo the Great Dane puppy by charlottereeves something that, at ten pounds and twelve inches, I’m clearly not. 

But then again, I’ve always thought big.Think big by m-c

And let me know whare I can find a quiz telling me what kind of human I’d be if I had had but two legs….circus dog!!Jack Russell Terriers by FrANk.H ^.^


A Vineyard Tale

15 05 2009

Vineyard time! 

Spring has sprung and there are new, tender leaves on the vines.  My people and I were off to the south this week, and the lush, volcanic hills, about an hour from Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Feudi di San Gregorio is a noted winery that produces wine from the ancient indigenous grape varieties of the region.

Some was spilled, as is the case at every tasting.  Enough for a small dog swilled from the glass and was very much appreciated. 

My pronouncement?

A wine of golden color, pear and citrus on the nose…my nose.   Fresh and dry on the tongue, with a crisp mineral finish.  Perfect for the coming hot weather.

Ahhh, to be a dog in Italy with summer on the way.Dog Days of Summer by MeadauraChow.

Nice to Want

12 05 2009

I love new things.  In fact, I find that the older I get, the less I remember, so, when I come across an old toy, it’s as though it were brand new. 

There are certain perks to aging.Bede, Dad's Old Dog... by meg price

But, this time, I have really found something new. 


Please send it, postage due.  I don’t know what it is, but I NEED ONE, ASAP.


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