Lost in Translation

22 09 2009

Ever wonder how different pastas got their names?  Their shape, of course.

Here is a list of pastas.  If you are a foodie, as am I, you will recognize the literal nature of each name.

Cannelloni: Large Reeds

Cappellini: Little Hats

Farfalle: Butterflies

Fettuccine: Small Ribbons

Linguine: Little Tongues

Manicotti: Little Muffs

Orecchiette: Little Ears

Penne: Quills

Ravioli: Little Turnips

Rotelli: Little Wheels

Spaghetti: Little Strings

Tortellini: Little Twists

Vermicelli: Little Worms (my personal favorite)

Dogs, by the way, came up with this first.  What subject in any dogs vocabulary is not directly based on the visual?  In English it’s squirrel; in Italian it’s scoiattolo.

Dogs call it like it is: scurrier.

Come to think about it, I’m betting both the English and the Italian were derived from the Dog.

Philologus narro, as it were.  Look it up.


Gathering Nuts

7 09 2009

The squirrels are out in full force up in the Pincio. There’s nary a nut to be found now.  They’re all squirreled away, if you will.

I sit and watch the dizzying creatures, mostly.  Chasing them is fun, but it becomes tiresome after a while.  Squirrel, tree, squirrel, tree, squirrel, tree.

So, I muse of other ways to use this rodent.  Below is one of my favorites.  It’s design reminds me somewhat of a machine Leonardo might have developed had he simply switched his obsession from flying a human

to flying a squirrel:

Then there’s the commercial amusement of providing the squirrel with a different take on an e-ticket Disney ride:

Either way, I want one of each, please.



28 05 2009

I don’t know what “UCLA” is. 

Latin acronym for —??

United Crackers Lab Association?  Huh?  Could be.  Squirrels, nuts, crackersSquirrel by JasonMayoff–it follows.

Anyway, in my humble opinion, all this baby squirrel needed was the right motivation.

Nothing a good dog couldn’t have furnished….Squirrel dogs by Sschex



19 03 2009

Focus is, well, the focal point for any dog.  It comes in different degrees. And it’s not discipline, it’s DNA. DNA rendering by ynse
Like an Olympic sport, Olympic Medals and Reflections by Kevin H.it is the giving of one’s complete attention to the present. And, just like any competition, the results are always mixed. 
Take the squirrel.  Curious Squirrel by ::novocainated::As a dog, I follow a simple tenant: What goes up must come down.  I sit at the base of the tree, attention rapt on the teetering rodent above, saliva beginning to pool in my jowls.  The squirrel must come down, no?  So, I sit, drool whisping at my chin.
Alas, focus and eye-sight are seperate matters.  When the squirrel flees from the branch of one tree to another, all I see is a blur of fur and trembling needles from the pine above.
I sit.  I stay.  Darkness fades the outline of the tree and I remark to myself at the resolve of the squirrel to remain in limbo.  I refocus on food, the kind that comes from the cucina.La ricetta della pasta: Bucatini alla puttanesca by max - iogenovese
It’s not discipline.  It’s DNA.

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