A Vineyard Tale

15 05 2009

Vineyard time! 

Spring has sprung and there are new, tender leaves on the vines.  My people and I were off to the south this week, and the lush, volcanic hills, about an hour from Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Feudi di San Gregorio is a noted winery that produces wine from the ancient indigenous grape varieties of the region.

Some was spilled, as is the case at every tasting.  Enough for a small dog swilled from the glass and was very much appreciated. 

My pronouncement?

A wine of golden color, pear and citrus on the nose…my nose.   Fresh and dry on the tongue, with a crisp mineral finish.  Perfect for the coming hot weather.

Ahhh, to be a dog in Italy with summer on the way.Dog Days of Summer by MeadauraChow.

All Roads

19 10 2008

We have a neighbor in the apartemento next door.  She is French.  Sexy French Maid, Sexy Hot Women, Fishnet Stockings, Sexstacey by Sexy Stacey LiEvery time she makes a trip to her home country she returns with a case or two of french wine.  Obviously she is a francophile, French Women are Proof of God by brewbooksfor good reason, I suppose.  But, really.

After all: When in Rome.

Far be it from me to suggest that anything French may have been invented by the Italians but let’s look at the subject of oenology, Grape bearer by klausthebestshall we?

My people and I spend the summer and early fall in our vineyard just outside Sienna so I know something about the process of turning fruit to fermentation.

The best part, to my mind, is rolling in the lovely aromatic glop of must, Red must in stainless tank by angelocesareCrushed Grapes by Kurt Preisslera by-product of the crush.  It leaves my fur a pleasant royal purple hue.  Purple Amigurumi Dog by djonesgirlzHeaven.  But I digress.

The making of French wine was greatly influenced by the many Popes who made their homes in Avignon.  Memories of France  October 2006 - Sur le Pont d'Avignon by Tintagel22Chateau-Neuf-du-Pape (meaning, new castle of the pope) Château Neuf du Pape by Grégory Hervésits just to the north of Avignon and is regarded by many to be a mecca for great wines…rooted in Roman culture, of course.  All roads do, indeed, lead to Rome.Roman Roads by chlywhite

Neuf said.


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