The Seven Day Fog

22 01 2013

“It all started with a wrong turn in the velvet fog of Venice.”

Chapter one, line one, new autodogography.

I am off to the City of Water to do some research. Venice in January: like an iceberg in a snowstorm and tourist-free.



Steamy bars laden with the scent of tobacco and milk chocolate. Trattorie packed with bodies warming to a plate of squid-ink pasta or creamy truffle risotto.


Gondolieri standing in their boats, wrapped up like winter hams, waiting for business. Ice between my toes. Frost on my snout. Pregnant mist pushing its long, fleshy fingers between the towers and canals.2292218586_e546c44060_m

I know only roughly (or ruff-ly, as is the case) my plot. Certain things have to occur: suspense, romance, danger—and magnificent meals. Truffles will take part as it is winter in northern Italy. And a French-African Chihuahua I once met will play in.1159578853_5864672ff8_m



Write what you know is what I say, until you no longer know. Then make it up. It’s fiction. All life is a type of fiction, after all. And the living, nothing more than writers. Comforting to know one can always change the ending. All dogs understand this.

The ending is always owned by it’s writer in more ways than one.8381306661_3b58d2eccf_m

Chew on that.


The Great Flood

9 12 2008

We spent two days in Venice over the weekend.  You know, the city of canals; waterways not auto strada?  Well, in my opinion, they’ve taken the idea a bit too far.Venice Flood by matt18041St. Mark’s Square is a lake and pedestrians, be they two or four-foooted, are relagated to wooden pathes laid out like rented tables across the piazza.

This is a grave danger to a small dog.  My Contessa sports an umbrella and rubber boots (which, by the way, are totally antithetical to the rest of her high-fashion outfit).  What do I get?  Not even a single water-wing slung about my midriff.  Coco Doggie Paddling by xena2542Not that I can’t swim, but why swim when you can float?

Tides up and storm rage in the sea nearby.  Such is the fate of Venice each winter.  the flood bis by bart ceuppens / www.bartceuppens.beSo, bear this in mind should you seek to land on the shore nearby sometime soon: It might not yet exist….Venice by Antonio Zazueta Olmos


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