11 08 2011

I like words.  Some Italian; some English; some Latin.  Perhaps the word
most commonly used by dogs is ‘woof’, but this is merely the tip of the proverbial dog’s tongue.

Most people think dogs only consider only certain verbiage: Come, sit, stay, roll-over.  

True, these are important references to the dog’s life, worth contemplation and reverence, but there is so much more, no?

The beauty of a nuanced language is infinite. Replace ‘cat-lover’ with the word ‘ailurophile’ (meaning the same) and it eliminates the brittle edge of feline reference, making it almost palatable (pun intended).

Try these words next time you speak (woof) and see how pleasant the simplicity of beautiful speech becomes.

If dogs could talk, the list would be laminated to the collar for quick review.

Humans: Language is a wondrous gift.  Learn to use it well and enjoy.


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