28 08 2008

Soccar season begins today in Italy.  Calcio, it’s called.  As far as I’m concern (and a whole lot of two-legged creatures) the day should be a national holiday.

Who doesn’t like chasing a ball?Bat Dog Attacks!Juno after ball

Suzie chasing tennis ball

LAZIO vs ROMAIn Rome the teams are Roma and Lazio.  My Count is a Lazio fanChampions League tournament Olympiacos - Lazio…his brother, Calcio Mondiale 2006 - Roma - Circo Massimoa Roma nut.  They go to the stadium together every week or two.  They come back smelling of gasolia and fire.  Calcio Mondiale 2006 - Roma - Circo MassimoThe stands are frequently set aflame, I gather.

I agree: there is something inate in being passionate about a ball.  ROMA-INTER; TOTTI SEGNA SUO GOL N.100 IN SERIE A.I would start a fire or two is my toenails were made of flint and the pavement were sulphur.

Soccar PeteI get it.  I got it.  I go.


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