Outside the Box

11 06 2009

My take on thinking outside the box: The Litterboxmy new litterbox by Torley, that is.

Cats on leashes.Cat On A Leash? by Chelsea Elliott

Like the phrase “herding cats”, the picture that comes to mind is one of chaos.  A whole lot of pulling, dragging and sliding.  The Cat Dragged In by MacGBeing

Cats cannot be cajoled.  They walk at their own pace—if they walk at all.

"The Sleeping Cat" by Jane Diamond by Jane Diamond

Here’s a little thinking outside the litterbox, canine style: smart dogs use the litterbox as a snack bar.  It may be recycling taken to it’s extreme, perhaps absurd, conclusion, but it fulfills the fine criteria of a dog. litterbox cake by Wild Cakes

Disgusting, putrid and sure to illicit a speedy reaction from your human.

And, alas, a bath.Cassie the family dog gets a bath by Gary Hope


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