15 04 2008

Magritte - BerlusconiSilvio Berlusconi won a third term today and I just had to hide.  Hideout

The weather’s turned bad again.  I haven’t had a good run for a few days.  Energy bubbles up and I can’t help myself.  I went for another pair of FerragamosFerragamo…actually just one, but I know enough to realize I may as well have chewed through the sole of both.

It really isn’t the weather so much that vexes me, it’s Berlusconi.  He has this thing about not wanting to appear short.  The more he harps on it, the less secure I feel about my own few inches.

Last week he commented to the press that he was sure he was taller than both Putin and Sarkozy, even Prodi…ridiculous, non e vero?  Romano Prodi is far to left leaning to ever be measured properly with a plumb line.  Sarkozy, too far to the right to allow it…and Putin simply wouldn’t stand still long enough for such a thig.  I saw him once near the Spanish Steps on state visit.  He criss-crossed the piazza like a blind chihuahua.

At any rate, what’s the big deal about height anyway.  Some of life’s more memorable things come in small packages: diamonds, chew toys…Napolean.

I rest my case, until I’m forced to testify about the shoes.Chewed Up Shoe


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