Berlusconi’s Harem

23 06 2009

L'Utilizzatore Finale by migim959Silvio’s in trouble, again. 

This time her name is Patrizia.  Rischia tutto by migim959It seems she was wearing a wire when she dined with the Prime Minister on the night of last November’s U.S. Presidential election.

And a candlelit dinner was not the climax of the evening, so to speak.  Candlelit dinner bokeh by photocillinApparently, instead of dessert, Silvio instructed his guest to “Go and wait for me on the big bed.”Bob the Dog on my Bed by skoop102

And I say: What’s wrong with that? 

I love big beds, though generally I tend to sleep near the edge, just on the inboard space behind one of my people.  Better to stay planted n the mattress that pushed to the floor after midnight.  But, I digress.

Patrizia said that she only one of 20 women invited the first time she attended a dinner at Berlusconi’s Roman residence the spring before.  The evening of the election, there were only 3 women at the table.  But, Patrizia’s the one who got to spend the night on the big bed.

Must have been her personality, no?  I’ll bet she does awesome tricks.

 Sit. Stay. Rollover.                 Fetch by min51


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