1 06 2008

Another airport, another car, and a ride over a rainbow bridge into town: We are in the wonderful land of Manhattan!

I love New York: Central park and the occasional black squirrel; salty, fat infused pastrami; designer shops and the smell of fine, fresh linen in summer…and the Hotel San Regis.

It has it’s own fragrence.  Fresh flowers in the lobby, fine leather shoes across the marble floors, butlers, and the smell of possibility.

The possibility of tea and scones, a drawn bath with rose petals, champagne bubbles on my nose.  But my favorite is a morning walk with Nina, the butler on floor 7.  She lets me off leash and I chase, nothing in particular, just chase.  I stretch my legs after the long flight, prepare for what might come tomorrow, for that is NYC: the possibility of anything!


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