This Season’s Must Have Accessory

4 04 2008


We made a trip to Paris over this week.  I love Paris: broad avenues, Croissant!fresh croissants with a distinctive buttery French crunch factor that Italians just can’t seem to duplicate in the ubiquitous cornetti, and fabulous boats on the river that one can actually ride.  notre dame, boat on the seine

Though Italy is often thought the center of fashion, Paris has it’s odd edge on trends.

The newest it seems is the meerkat.

We were sitting along the Champs Elysee, my Contessa sipping a cafe au  lait one brisk, damp morning.  eiffel tower in the fogThe Eiffel Tower rose into a pearlescent spring fog typical of the season.  I lifted my nose into the air to take in the fresh smell of tulips decorating the table above and at the top a neighboring chair, my attention was drawn to a gentle movement from the pocket of a large leather purse.  A nose.  A round black shiny nose.  It poked its way between the zipper and out popped a flat-eared, big-eyed weaselly creature that offered a low hissing sound my way before retreating.

The woman attached to the purse thrust her hand into the sack and retrieved the beast.  She held it to her lips and gave it a kiss, then stroked it like a pet.

A pet.

More like a fashion accessory, I think.

Can it be walked along the river?

Can it play ball in the park?  Can it do a trick for a treat.Trick Dog

I think not.

Though meerkats have certainly been around for eons, it is the domesticated dog who fills these simple pleasures for man.  We, too, are furry, and affectionate; our brains developed for companionship over the centuries.

Why risk your heart to a common cousin of the wiley mongoose when pounds brim full of orphan dogs.  I wonder.

.Any dog can appreciate the novelty of a new trend…can the meerkat?


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