18 11 2008

No, that’s not a gender term.  Though, I do think many women might equate the two meanings and, perhaps, since Latin is in play, there may be some truth to the parallel…especially if Latin was invented by a woman.

Male in Italiano is pronounced ma-le…to be sick.  Thermometer by covemanMy Contessa is sick and I’m in heaven.bed of clouds silhoutte by moemoechi

I do not mean to make light of her influenza, but consider this:

What is the one place a dog prefers to be on a cold, blustery autumn day?  In bed.Lonely in bed by Joey Harrison

What is the one thing a dog loves to have in bed?  A heating pad with three levels of warmth. Electrex Vintage Heating Pad by Yee_Haw

What is the best sensory thing a dog wishes for?  Chinese take-out; Fried rice to be exact.57 炒飯 (Vol. 3) Fried Rice by Eat-My-Heart-Out 你吃,我看

The first three days of the flu are heaven.  What dog is unable to sleep through a little coughing and wheezing in exchange for the time of his life.

Alas, soon it will be over.  We’ll be back on the wind-swept Pincio in the bitter cold.  The only warmth with three degrees of setting will be how far I place myself from the fire every night.

And no more Chinese.1940 Booklet Dogs of the World Rival Dog Food by Vintage Quincy

Health can be hell. Please read + pass it on! by myla kent


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