Resolution Revolution

5 01 2009

I hear from tourists all the time that Italians really know how to live.  La Dolce Vita, Doggy Dolce Vita by Bonnie ShulmanDolce Far Niente, La dolce vita! by Xena*best friend*et cetera, et cetera, et cetera….

But does anyone who is NOT Italian really know what it means?  Probably not, for the rest of the world population of civilized, prosperous countries is too busy trying to keep their countries civilized and prosperous doing the only thing they believe is necessary to win that race: Smileys working for the man by SedanmanWork, work, and more work.

Whereas, with the fall of ambitious RomeRoman Soldier of the Betrayal by Leo Cloma, Italians fell into the blissful secret of happiness:La dolce vita by italiangerry


Don’t let life live you – live your life!


Ask any dog.  Life is supposed to be sweet….the experience is the thing, not that final moment of completion.  It’s the digging that’s the most fun.  And, when the bone is buried, we all know the time that passes until we dig it up again will be sweet in the anticipation.  Think about it over a cappuccino.La Dolce Vita by s0phi3 / a snowflake falls in may





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