If Dogs Could Sing

11 04 2008

Even in Rome the television occasionally lands on an American broadcast.  The current rage on the viale is American Idol.  My Contessa opens the doors to the terrazzo where the potted cherry blooms, pours a glass of Barolo Spring in a Wine Glassand nestles into the comfy silk chair that straddles the threshold in front of the TV. 

I sit upon her lap and doze…as a rule.  But this week Idol brought a familiar tune to my ears and I followed the musical notes in my head.Musical Notes 

Humans, of course, have no idea, but dogs hold a certain theme song close to their heart.  You can understand why if you pay close attention to our character, for dogs are always on the hunt: for food, for fun, for the pure joys in life.

So, next time you see a dog, remember this: If dogs could sing, this is what they’d sound like, and this is the song they’d sing:



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