A Bit of History-Part One

26 09 2008

It is thought that dogs were first domesticated 50,000 years ago.  Anyway, that’s when we began to show up on the walls of caves in various shades of primitive paint.Man and his best friend by © Libyan Soup

Like our men, we were hunters.  Dog attached himself to man for food; man attached himself to dog for the same reason.  We were good at hunting.  Watch and learn.  Men did.  Soon dogs were no longer hunting but staying in camp reaping the rewards of a well taught lesson, and entertaining the ranks, of course.  Dogs are, after all, built for entertainment these days.

Enter, the Jack Russell:circus dog!!Jack Russell Terriers by FrANk.H ^.^Jack Russell Terrier by Lothar Lenz

The Labradoodle (simply the name curls the lip in laughter, no?):Teddy the Labradoodle by jwsnell00

The Hairless Chihuahua:*wink* Hey Baby...you lookin' at me? by skasperOK….so this one demonstrates man’s sense of humor. 

But, you follow me right? 

Next time someone refers to you, if you are a dog, as a lazy, good-for-nothing moocher, remind them that they would still be hunting solo with hand-carried spears, instead of evolving into packs and becoming a species success story.  And ask them to pass the treats.


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