19 09 2008

Eddie Bauer's dog dishI have never eaten my fill. 

I have eaten my food, my friend’s food, my people’s food…but I have never eaten my fill.

There is something about the canine system that defies satiation.  The pipes simply do not allow it.  It is a long, desperate, hollow road; a bag-less vacuum.

In response, I graze throughout the day like a common farm animal: a raspberry here, a low tomato there, certain parts of a piece of ladies underwear…the soul (er–sole) of a Ferragamo.

The behavior is not without repercussion.  I have been frequently stuck in the dog door leading to the terrazzo.  My sweaters fit like a shrunken glovethe guardian glove, and I sometimes get the feeling that the people who stare are not observing the mirth of a fun loving small dog, so much as the girth.

I know why the fat are frequently jolly.  fat and happy!

Dog Dish & BallThey’re full, no?

The quest continues…The Butcher Shop

Chow.  Forever, chow.

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