The 515

16 09 2008

This is my car:old italian styleIt’s a Cinquecento, made by Fiat.  It’s of the old variety: smaller than small, made long before rules and regulations began trying to save people from themselves.

It fits anywhere on the Roman streets which is very important.  if you’re lucky enough to have a permit to park within the city, space is always an issue.  It’s important to be able to walk in reasonable time to your destination once your car is properly situated.

The Cinquecento is just zippy enough to blow my ears back when the windows are down Who's driving?(and they’re always down in the summer), but not fast enough to make my stomach turn.  Yet, it does turn heads.  Because it’s cute.  Just like a certain small dog.

The Smallest & Cutest DogSmall, cute things always turn heads, no?

Diminutive dogs and the Cinquecenti…a head turning combo.


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