Buona Pasqua

12 04 2009

I love Easter in Rome! 

The shoes are spectacular. 

We walk to St. Peter’s Square.  It’s filled with thousands of people from all over the world and the footwear is incredibly diverse.  Easter in Rome, 2007 by bluejay82Running shoes with rubber soles and canvas sides, fine Ferragamos, shiny patent leather, suede, plastic and even wood.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! by francophony

And on each sole, the tell-tale hint of origin: French pastryGluten Free:  Homemade Croissants! by Kate Chan, Dutch gumGum on Shoe by catclawtub, Polish mudrocky gap state park, md by psimpson101 and Malibu sandSandy Beach and Rocky Cliffs at La Jolla in San Diego, California by Scandblue.  It’s heaven.

Then there are the shoes of the Swiss guard: Rome with the Finozzi family, Easter 2006 by morrisjeanetteChocolate, of course.

I’d love to get close enough to the Pope to smell his footwear.  Bratwurst and beer?  Sacramental wafers and wine? 

Angel style splash wing prototype by Jen ShikamiOr, scentless, like the wings of an angel?

Buona Pasqua.


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