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30 05 2009

I think I’ve found my niche, that is if I can find someone with an opposable thumb.

My idea: A new Game Show for dogs.  Cable TV; mid-afternoon time slot, just after the usual small meal and short walk-around; something to provide a little humor as a dog drifts into a little nap.

We’ll call it Whack-A-Kitty.  Here’s the pilot:

Now if I can just get PetCo to come in as sponsor.  Maybe they’d like to do lunch?



26 05 2009

I love my tail. tail  by Eliverto Scherer

Utterly devoted, it follows me everywhere, ready to play whenever I run out of things to do.Ryder Chasing her tail by 54beans

Most animals have done it one time or another. Chasing Tail by Mike_tnChasing Its Tail by rivadock4Moonlight cat chasing his tail by wbaiv

It is God’s answer to the boredom issue and a poignant reminder to all men: Make your own fun.  Amen. Trio of Tail Chasing Dogs by lawatha


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