Getting Up is Living

1 07 2011

For all those skeptical that a small dog might climb the vines and vineyard wires, let alone anything else, I offer Sofia.

She may not be of the ‘”terrorista” breed, but she knows (as does any dog) the best way to get ahead in the world: One paw at a time.  And, as I quoted yesterday in a soon-to-be famous tweet: FALLING DOWN IS LIFE, GETTING UP IS LIVING…Chow.

The Odd Couple

15 01 2009

OK: So what I really wanted for Christmas (I thought), I didn’t get.

There is a pet shop near the Piazza del Popolo.  They sell everything.  Puppies, kittens, snakes, balls, fluffy toys, and….

Tarantulas.  I wanted one.  I really wanted one.  I tried every hint I could think of.  I dragged a few spiders, limp and dying, into the cucina.  I even ate one right in front of the cook to show how versatile a spider can be.  Nothing worked. 

Now, I realize it was fate: A good thing.  Because now, what I really, really want (and I don’t care what holiday it shows up on), is an elephant!!!

I hope they can climb stairs because even a small one will never fit into the elevator.


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