Getting Up is Living

1 07 2011

For all those skeptical that a small dog might climb the vines and vineyard wires, let alone anything else, I offer Sofia.

She may not be of the ‘”terrorista” breed, but she knows (as does any dog) the best way to get ahead in the world: One paw at a time.  And, as I quoted yesterday in a soon-to-be famous tweet: FALLING DOWN IS LIFE, GETTING UP IS LIVING…Chow.

Allen! Allen! Steve?

19 06 2009

Of course, all dogs know that every creature speaks some sort of language.  Often it’s difficult to decipher, especially those animals coming from Britain.  The British Flag by Chris BreezeI mean, what an accent.

What many don’t know, however, is that groundhogs are extremely nearsighted….Eye Chart by von_brandis



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