What Puts the Terrorist in Terrier

29 07 2011

It’s no secret that Terriers are driven creatures: To chase, mostly. Balls, cats, squirrels, food, fun.  The breed is built for entertainment.  I know. Watch any dog with even a hint of terrier.  Perhaps only a flick of the tail or twitch of the whisker resembles such lineage; inside there is a giant of a dog willing to take on any creature or task.

Both fierce and fearless, I give you Biscuit:

The Terrier: Proving everyday that what goes up doesn’t necessarily have to come down…unless it wants to.




3 responses

1 08 2011

Wow, it is amazing. I could NEVER let my dog do something like this without some kind of fail safe though. I’d definitely want at least rope and harness.

9 08 2012
Barb Walker

he he he I have a mini bull terrier and i noticed she needs to be seriously stimulated with activities . brought her home at 6 weeks and she neve rshowed nay fear she jumped and tywirrled and nipped at my Dally cross

9 08 2012
Barb Walker

omg i can just picture Shali doign the mop dance

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