The Dog House

9 05 2009

ITALY BERLUSCONI WIFE by Current News StoriesBerlusconi’s in the dog house again and his wife put him there.

 Te lo do io il divorzio, cribbio! by Roberto Rizzato ►pix jockey◄I know a little bit about that.  My people have had there share of marital problems.  Philandering must be a required course in Italian high school.

Napolean, as Berlusconi’s wife calls him, is apparently seeking to improve the face of Italian politics—literally.  He wants to have younger, more female politicians elected or appointed to his government.

Miss Italia by italiangerry

His logic:

‘‘We want refresh the image of the political class with well educated people, who will always be present at parliamentary sessions, who are well dressed and smell good — this is not currently the case for some deputies.”

Personally, I don’t understand Mrs. Berlusconi’s objection.

I couldn’t agree more.




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