A Crack in My Palazzo

6 04 2009

There’s a crack in my pallazzo. 

The bed shook last night; a few pieces of the ceiling fell like dust across the room.  It was the middle of the night.  My Contessa and the Count leaped out of bed then just stood there, looking at each other as though one of them must have been the culprit in some big joke.

When the lights came on, the first thing we all saw was a long jagged crack in the ceiling of the appartemento. 

I heard there are many who were not so lucky in the tremor and I am sorry.  3.32 am by etna walk ©We are blessed to be in Rome 70 miles away from the center of the terremoto.  The city sits on a crown of tufo which supposedly cushions us.  All of our shakes are moderate–so far.

Repair to our ceiling will follow in due course, as it always does after a little shake: plasterers, painters, all with lunch bags and willing hands.

There are always small gifts in disaster.  Sympathy for Italian Earthquake by Kuzeyli48The key is to find them, no?




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