La Piena

29 03 2009

I love to walk with my Contessa down by the Tiber River.  Chestnut trees line part of its course and only the spring leaves emerge a small dog can almost smell the new green.  The river is low now.  It hasn’t rained for a few days.  The walkways that line the river’s edge are visible.  Here and there, a few homeless make camp on the borders.  But it is a dangerous thing to do.  In just an hour the water can rise if it’s raining somewhere upstream.  What makes a dry, convenient home for the night may be under water come morning.

We had just such a thing happen last December. The bridges were closed for a while, and those waiting to cross took refuge in bars for more than just a quick cappucino.

Note the two views of the Ponte Sisto:

Ponte Sisto by gianmarco giudiciIra Tiberis #10, Tiber spate, la Piena del Tevere by il_rinforzino / Topo Zorro


The flood came with damageWrecked by Wiingy, and all sorts of interesting things left behind by the high-waterAfter the Flood / Dopo la piena by fbnm

Oh, to be taller than a small dog.





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