Rome, Anyone?

26 03 2009

Springtime in Rome is the best.  Spanish Steps by MegabeastFresh flowers on the Spanish Steps, serious sunshine and the odor of newly sprouted leaves in the air.

Most people do Rome as part of a tour.  I don’t recommend it unless you are seriously time-restricted.  To really appreciate the city, at least a week must be spent.  Rome Passage by Mike G. K. (Flickr break)Even in a year, you’d not see everything there is to see, let alone all of the most important spots.

If you have the time, buy Georgina Mason’s extraordinary book on the city (if you can find it), The Companion Guide to Rome, and set out on one of her suggested walks.

She has a marvelous and unique way of defining the city and informing the visitor.

Here’s a little taste of the high points, but keep in mind: ninety-nine percent of the best of Rome is not mentioned here…

And remember to take your dog…or maybe someone else’s…Rome -- curious dog in Piazza Navona -- PICT3501 by georgeogoodman





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