Human Logic

26 02 2009

I sometimes think human logic is an oxymoron.

During a recent spate of bad weather, my Contessa provided the front page of Il Giornale for my relief near the front door.  Untoccodizenzero, Il Giornale-14 Febbraio 2008 by Un tocco di zenzeroAs any male might, I went to paper, went about my business and began to read. 

The headlines?

Animal Rights Activists Set Zoo Afire

Fire in the night by aixcracker

Huh?  Am I the only one who finds this logic fatally flawed?

The simple logic of a small dog would go a long way in bringing enlightenment to the world, no?

Oh, for a voice that traveled farther than a bark.Howl by haruspex




One response

1 03 2009

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