The Great Flood

9 12 2008

We spent two days in Venice over the weekend.  You know, the city of canals; waterways not auto strada?  Well, in my opinion, they’ve taken the idea a bit too far.Venice Flood by matt18041St. Mark’s Square is a lake and pedestrians, be they two or four-foooted, are relagated to wooden pathes laid out like rented tables across the piazza.

This is a grave danger to a small dog.  My Contessa sports an umbrella and rubber boots (which, by the way, are totally antithetical to the rest of her high-fashion outfit).  What do I get?  Not even a single water-wing slung about my midriff.  Coco Doggie Paddling by xena2542Not that I can’t swim, but why swim when you can float?

Tides up and storm rage in the sea nearby.  Such is the fate of Venice each winter.  the flood bis by bart ceuppens / www.bartceuppens.beSo, bear this in mind should you seek to land on the shore nearby sometime soon: It might not yet exist….Venice by Antonio Zazueta Olmos





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