28 11 2008

We went out last night…Thunderstorm in Rome - July 2006 by Surfcanariasforged a thunderstorm to arrive at the door of an unfamiliar apartemento.

Il Conte rang the buzzer and, Roman Door by Jim Charles Photographyas though attached to the doorbell in some fashion, the doorknob immediately turned and we were invited in.  English ensued, spoken by the all four of the apartemento occupants.  But there was something else in the air: The elegant fragrance of demi-glaceOH Dayton - Tasty Bird Poultry by scottamuspoultry of some sort, I reckoned. 

I followed the perfume into the cucina where there stood a small copper pot, heavenly steam rising above a low gas flame.Copper pots and pan by Phil Punton

Now, my Contessa doesn’t cook much, so when she and the lady of the apartemento reached the stove, the hostess began to recite the method of the bubbling nectar of the dogs above.

Four turkey legs (I KNEW it was poultry), BBQ Turkey Leg from NY Renaissance Faire by Plaid Ninjafour turkey thighs, two turkey necks, chop one large onion, two large carrot, and one bunch of celery, all into a roasting pan for two hours until brown.  Then…white, red and black pepper, a bay leaf…put all into a large pot and cover with water.

Cook for forty-eight hours, she said.  demi-glace by nikaboyceHow can one wait THAT long for food, I thought.  Then press all the liquid out of the remainder, strain, discard the remainder (DISCARD!!!??????), and set back upon a very low flame for another FORTY-EIGHT hours!!!  When it is cooked down to a mere two to three inches in the pot, it is finito.

The lady of the apartemento made gravy for dinner that night wth said demi-glace.  Pure ambrosia.  I know because she saved a little of the “remainder” in anticipation of the presence of one small dog at what these Americans fondly called “Thanksgiving”.

She placed it in a fine porcelain bowl, with a little something called “stuffing”…not at all like what frequently falls from one of my plush toys…and drizzled the heaven-like gravy over the top.

Frankly,Passporto by astro twilight it was enough to give up my Italian passport for…

I LOVE America!





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