Ciao! Pomodori

28 10 2008

The last tomatoes of a late summer are ripeRipe Tomatoes by cityphotographer.  Today, Grazia and I are off to the outdoor market to buy a boxful.Outdoor Market in Rome by Kamera Shy

Forbidden by iandoubleyouThis afternoon we will make pureed tomatoes to enhance Sugo di Pomodori that sees us all through the winter.

It’s easy.  And there’s nothing like fresh (though frozen) tomato sauce to bring back the flavor of summer as one sits in the snow, mid-winter.  Pasta Party by Jean&VicI highly recommend it, not only as a way to spend a glorious fall day, Marano in the Fall by donnacorlessbut sure relief to the short days of January when most people reach for canned tomatoes when they think of saucing pasta.

Wash the tomatoes (try to find the ripest ones you can…they may be blemished, Ripe Tomatoes by Snapshot0703split or even overripe, but let the dog eat the ones that are rotten or moldy…)

Cut them in 2-3 inch pieces, put them in a pot by themselves, cover it and turn the heat on to medium.  Cook them abut 10 minutes, or until they boil and a delicious steam rises out of the opened pot…

Push the tomatoes through a foodmill and cool the puree.  Tomato puree by jesse k.Discard the liquid.  Pour the remainder into ice cube trays and and freeze it.  Then place the cubes in ziplock bags and freeze.  Use as needed in any recipe that calls for canned tomatoes…and throw an occasional cold cube the way of your family dog.Diesel the dog eating a tomato by petrusko.rm




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