The American Economy

9 10 2008

My Contessa was reading Il Giornale this morning, something about a group of mongrels from a place called Wall Street The Wall Street Bull at the Financial District, Manhattan, New York City by Scandblue(spoken as a small, male dog, who wouldn’t love an entire street lined by a wall…?).China - Beijing "The Great Wall" by mr_sandro1

Anyway, the way she explained to Il Conte, these rascals made the equivilant of a zillion EurosSlovenian Euro coins by *melby* (that’s molto dog treats, Dog treats by any language or currency), bankrupt their companies, then asked the government for a loan to cover their mistakes.

What did they do with some of that loan money?  They went to the beach, of course.  A very expensive beach.Ritz-Carlton Beach Area by neepster

This is totally contrary to canine logic, I just want all the American people to know.  As Mark Twain once wisely noted:Mark Twain - Author by Butterflies-R-Free

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you.  This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”

You Americans may think that, at the moment, congress is littered with dogs (pun intended), but I say, throw out ALL the curs and fill the vacant seats with rescue dogs~My "Rescued" Dog~ by Red~StarThe very name implies their mission.

Prosperous dogs will never bite the hand that feeds them.This Is Presley, He's From Rocket Dog Rescue Dog...The 1st Dog I Snapped Today...And Guess What...He Found A Home! by mybluemuse aka PJ Taylor

I know.




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