A Bit of History-Part Two

30 09 2008

I think ancient Egyptians had it right: if you killed a dog (alas, even a cat) you yourself could be executed.1907 Guillotine Back by andreobrecht

Dogs were thought to be descended from Anubis, Miles as Anubis by I ♥ Basenjis!god of the underworld.  Ironic, since the cats of Rome are the ones who inhabit most of that underground city.  The Pharaohs gave their dogs silver necklaces to wear, and always included them in the family portraits.old family portraits from the 1930's by AK Foto

Today, in Rome, some still wear fancy collars diamond dog collar by telharsicDiamonds Are A Dog"s Best Friend by S h e l l yand those family photos still include the dogFamily Portrait by Andrew Morrell Photography

But, what ever happened to the reverence of legal action where the common dog is concerned? 

Instead of S.P.Q.R.SPQR by MrJennings

 it’s S.P.C.A.SPCA_Cover by Jenna Belle

Where’s the phone?





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30 09 2008

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