9 09 2008

Someone wise once said: An effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible.

I have to tell you, there are few things that cause me to gag.  Slugs are meaty.  brain_slugsI imagine they might go well with garlic and a little butter.  Ants are fresh and lemony.  Ants at three times life size series 2-2Grasshoppers taste a little grassy to tell you the truth, and they’re gooey, with a bit of crunch, but not bad.Differential grasshopper(make sure you pull the legs off first or they’ll stick in your throat).

Now, none of these things is particularly pretty, yet they have the redeeming feature of being attractive to the palette.

Enter the beautiful butterfly. Monarch Butterfly In Purple Garden PhloxLithe, agile, and colorful, it nearly shouts: taste me!

Well, don’t. It’s a bitter pill…literally.  Like a well-coiffed terrier: attractive to the eye but nippy.

It’s frequently all in the packaging, no?





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