5 09 2008

Did I mention that anytime I post anything about cats~Cute Cats~, I get as many hits on my blog in a few hours as I normally do in a day?

It’s yet another species slur as far as I’m concerned.Bella the Cat

Do dogs not inspire?  Do they not compel people to google and search?  And why not?

Is it because cat people sit idley by the computer with nothing better to do than surf the web for the antics of the cats they love, simply because the cats they love are immobile, Fat Cat Poopedsloth-like on a feather cushion, whiling away the hours of daylight only to become roaming maniacs at night?Spew Warning - Montana the Cat's Halloween Costume

Surely dog owners are in the park, on the other end of a game of fetch, or hiking with their favorite St. Bernard, trusty cask within reach, no?

Swiss Mountain St. BernardsWhat cat can serve up a shot of brandy, I ask you?

Ever hike with a cat?  Ever tempt a feline to fetch?  bored catHa!

You cat people need to get out more.

frisbee dogGo get a dog.





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