Tale of a Dog

31 08 2008

Want a good summer read?  My Contessa is reading J.F. Englert’s, A Dog Among Diplomats.

A Dog Among Diplomats

It apparently features a poetry-loving dog detective Randolf whose mistress disappears.  Randolf goes undercover at the U.N. as therapy dog to a diplomat in order to ferret out the womans trail. 

Must be a good read because my Contessa hasn’t put it down.  She chuckles to herself, as well, so the story must be very entertaining.  I like curling up next to her when she reads…her reading is a great way for me to pass the day.

As long as she breaks for:

Chow.Dog Bone



One response

31 08 2008

Dear Shimoni:
This is welcome news since that very title will soon be coming out in an Italian language version like the first (J.F. Englert on a recent trip to Rome found “A Dog About Town” translated as “Elementare, Randolph” in the bookstore across from the Senate (the modern Senate not the Forum).
Your blog by the way is wonderful –thoughtful and manically joyous at the same time.
Regards to the Count and Contessa.
A Sincere Ciao,
PS i will link to this wonderful site on my blog http://www.adogabouttown.com

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