21 08 2008

Translating for dogs is no doubt similar to translating for humans.  We think in blocks of meaning.  We see picturesNeedle felt wool painted picture for children and adult, you see picturesSquirrel Scratch

The difference is that dogs do not attach words, necessarily.  We attach meaningDog and Squirrel Note Card.

We think hungry…we move to the dog dish.  We think relief…we paw at the door.  We think mail arriving…we growl.  We think tired…well, you get the message.

You talk to us, we move in the direction of your thought, not ours.  Say “treat”, we go to the kitchen cupboard.  Utter “walk”, we are immediately beneath the hook that hold the leash.

So next time you say “vet”, do not grimace as we skate under the couch.  Se it as we do.  Picture the vet and see what image comes to mind.A Bouquet of Thermometers...




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