Summer in the City

28 07 2008

I have discovered the best thing to do on the first rainy day of summerRain in Rome (Rui Palha's Style): go to the park.


Now, this may seem counter-intuitive, but let me explain.  Mice live in the park, Field mice that love to burrow.  Molehill Mouse from each sideMice reproduce every twenty-one days.  They are sexually mature at 4-7 weeks. Two mice will make up to 50 new mice during a three month periodbaby mice macro.  If the timing is right, and the rain comes mid-summer, just as the burrows are brim-full of runoff, the park grass will team with what I like to refer to as a torrent of leaping and squealing “rodentia minutia”.


Easy pickings for a small dog bred for going to ground, as it were.


People tend to whine in the summer rain.  I dine.


It’s all in the way you see things, no?






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