Dog Day Afternoon

17 07 2008

July in Rome and all the dogs do is pant.  Panting



It’s hot, it’s humid and the streets are streaming with tourists.  The air is thick with a smattering of assorted tongues: different languages buzzing above my ears and an array of tongues dripping before me.  Buxley Panting in Car after Dog Park


Thank God Rome is replete with fountains at every piazza.  Roman fountainsMost are dog-low, and those that aren’t have broad enough lips to grant any dog a steady perch for a long drink.  Roman fountain


Rome fountains are still fed by the clear, pure water of the hills to the east.  Where there isn’t a fountain the savvy dog can always find a nasone: the nose shaped pipe that offers a constant flow of cool water, any hour of the day. Nasone The truly parched canine will stand just under the nozzle until his coat is drenched. 


L’ultimo in “cool” tricks, no?  Who says an old dog can’t learn? Billo e il Nasone....





One response

26 07 2008

I really enjoyed your fountain photos. Our fountain here is pretty mundane in comparison.

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