The Crossing, Quarto Giorno

22 06 2008

Did I mention my Contessa came to visit yesterday? Contessa di castiglioneWith no “doggie bag” in hand. Virginia’s breath, still fresh with the room service treat, I decided to give my Contessa somewhat lesser attention than I would as a rule.

She seemed puzzled, then concerned. Was I eating? she asked the steward. Had I slept? Who were my neighbors on either side of my “cabin”? Virginia gave my Contessa’s hand a lick as I gazed, unimpressed, out the open door of the kennel.

My stomach rumbled. She placed a hand on my side and I looked up, trying as hard as I could to suck in my sides and hollow my eye sockets.skinny dog 2

Certo, she said. Io so.

I have only but one word for her: Chow.doggie bag



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