26 05 2008

I’m out.  Blessedly, joyfully, incredibly, out. 

The rabbit must have not diedBaby English wild rabbit…that’s how they test for rabies, isn’t it?  Rabbit, rabies.  As in Latin, must be some connection.

Anyway, the bars are gone, the treats are before me and I am back at my Contessa’s side.  She picked me up in a long black car.  CIMG1057The back seat was nearly as big as our terrazzo.  We drove past the walls of Rome and out through the EUR.  Many sheep Sheep!and sunflower fields On The Move_Italywere passed.

Then, she tucked me into a leathery carrier Doggie Carrierand we headed for the airport doors.  The airport!

I love airplanes.  Alitalia Express Embraer ERJ-170-100LR EI-DFK Via Salaria (1273)Get on in one place, Rome and his churchesclose the door for awhile, eat pretzels and slurp a little greco de tufo and, when the doors open, the world has been transformed.  Desert meets the SeaHow is it done?  I wonder.

But, no matter, for I am sprung.  Perhaps the paperwork never came through and we are on the lamb; perhaps we are legit and merely celebrating reunion.

I sip the last of my wine and watch the door.  What world will be revealed as it swings open this time?  I lick the salt from the pretzels and close my eyes and dream.Niger Desert Dog




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